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t(o.ot) :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 2 1 Oh. :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 2 6 Hey, it's me again. :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 1 12 Art Trade r2-d2 :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 1 3
Mature content
Vampires and Fairy dust - Frerard- Part 4 :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 3 11
Mature content
Vampires and Fairy dust - Frerard- Part 3 :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 2 5
Grass. :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 2 0
Vampires and Fairy dust - Frerard- Part 2
Gerard sat in the kitchen taking a sip from his coffee, when suddenly his little daughter jumped on his back and put her arms around his neck.
“Daddy? Can I have a parrot?” she asked, hugging his back tight.
Gerard sighed.
“We have talked about this before, honey. I don’t think it is a great idea. Remember what happened to your cat?”
She jumped off him and sat on the table, giving him one of her puppy dog eyes look.
“Aw, daddy! That wasn’t your fault! It was mine fault, really!”
He stared at her, shaking his head.
“We both know that that is a lie.” He mumbled and scratched his nose. Vanessa frowned, and put her small hands on the sides of his face.
“Please daddy. I really want one, and I can keep it in my room. Until you get used to it.” She pleaded.
“Okay, fine. But you have to keep it in your room, okay? I don’t want any blood get spilled again.” He sighed and had to smile when he saw her whole
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Vampires and Fairy dust - Frerard- Part 1
Frank was pretty sure he was normal.
He had a house with a nice little garden at the back, and he had plenty enough space to start a family there. The problem was, he didn’t know how. Family was one of the things Frank thought was most important. Family was something he needed, because he had never had any. You should think a twenty three year old guy, with a big house, much money and a hell of a nice car had a family. Well, he had tried. Went out on dates, made an account on, even thought about adoption. But in the end, he was still alone.  
He had never known his mother or father, but he really didn’t care anyway. Why should he, he didn’t even remember them. He didn’t remember anything from his childhood. When he tried to think back it all went very blurry, and he had to sit down so he didn’t facepalm the ground or something.
His days were usually the same:
Wake up, go to work, get home, eat dinner. Read some chapters from a book
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Blue ( A norwegian short storie)
Han satt ved det blå kjøkkenbordet med hendene foldet rundt kaffekoppen. Blikket hans hvilte på kjøkkenklokken som hang over døra, kaffekoppen hans var tom. Det eneste som kunne høres var den konstante tikkingen fra klokken. Tikk, takk, tikk, takk…
Det var til å bli gal av. Han lot blikket vandre bortover kjøkkenet. Det tomme kjøkkenet. Han hadde sittet her hele natten og ventet. Drukket kaffekopp etter kaffekopp og stirret desperat mot døra. Et håp om at hun skulle plutselig stå der, selv om han visste at hun ikke kom til å gjøre det. Hun var borte nå, og denne gangen for godt. Hun hadde dratt, forlatt han. Selv om hun sa at hun aldri skulle det. Han tenkte tilbake på kvelden før.
Hun hadde kommet hjem etter en lang dag på jobben, helt utslitt. Han hadde stått og lagd mat.
«Fiskepinner? Nå igjen?» spurte hun da hun kom inn døra.
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Summer 4. :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 0 0 Summer 3 :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 1 0 Summer 2. :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 1 0 Summer :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 0 0 Marilyn Manson :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 2 6 Retaaard :iconlittlemepinkeypie:LittleMePinkeyPie 1 16


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Felix c:
I am just a normal teenager, who tries to be happy. I ship Freard and Jalex and i'm a whovian. Ofc do i ship tenrose c:
MUSIC is important to me.

dA Family
My weird cousin Ari that works for superheroes :iconichxbinxfreix94:

My badass werewolf sister :iconwriter-in-agony:

My awesome and hilarious unicorn :iconangelseatmealive:

My little son :iconsodooom:

My father :icon5th-period-massacre: ( WHO IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!)

My sugar addicted fangirl sister :iconblackparadebullet: ^^

My other awesome coffee-frerard-ninja sister :iconchemicalkid101:

My fabulous great-great-great-great-grand Killjoy :iconlyricdiangelo:

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